Up until 1962 Myanmar (Burma) was one of the wealthiest nations in all of Asia.

On 2 March 1962, that all changed.  A group of military officers, led by Chief-of-staff General Ne Win, staged a coup and a military junta took over the nation.  The junta suspended the constitution and instituted authoritarian rule under the Revolutionary Council.

Government ministers, ethnic leaders and anyone who spoke up against the junta were jailed.  Parliamentary democracy came to an end.

In 2011 60% of Government spending was on the military and only 1.3% on health care and 4.13% on education.  Myanmar’s health care system was ranked the worst in the world by the World Health Organisation in 2011.  It is considered the fifth most oppressive country in the world.

In 2010 we announced that we wanted to help.  We were approached by Pastor Andrew from the Myanmar CRC Church.  He wanted to build a children’s home for homeless children.  Not an orphanage…but a big house with a mum and a dad and a bunch of kids.  He had a couple who wanted to look after 10-12 children, but he had no way to finance the project.

In 2011 we raised over $80,000 and purchased three blocks of land in Myanmar.

In 2012 we put up a large fence to secure the land (cost around $27,000).

Between 2013-2015 we raised a further $154,000 to start building the house.

In 2015 the house was almost completed and children started moving into the home with their new mum and dad.

In June 2015 a team went over to Myanmar and officially opened ‘The Life House’. We are currently raising funds for a second home for vulnerable girls in Myanmar. In April 2019, the work on this second home began. 

If you would like updates on The Myanmar Project, please email myanmar@portlife.org.au.

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