Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome people of all ages from all backgrounds.

Whatever you feel comfortable wearing!  Most people dress in nice casual clothes.

If you've never stepped foot in a church before, you are more than welcome at Portlife. Someone will welcome you as you come in, and feel free to ask them any questions about the service.

In our foyer, there is a Help Desk, so you can always ask our friendly attendant for help or more information about who we are and what we do.

Our service starts on Sunday mornings at 10am. We recommend arriving a few minutes early to find a seat.

We spend some time every Sunday using music to worship our amazing God.  Someone always speaks, sharing something from the Bible about God and explaining how it applies to our life.  Most Sundays we have communion to remind us of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  You are welcome to have communion with us or you are just as welcome to observe.  Another way we worship God is through giving – the church is funded through the generous giving of our church family.  The whole meeting goes for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

There are no rules about what you have to do in our meeting.  Feel free to join in or just sit and listen.

We believe that making friends is a big part of church life, as the more we know each other the more we can support and help each other.  We encourage you to hang around after the service and meet some other people who go to Portlife.  You get a free drink if it’s your first time so it’s a great excuse to get to know us.  If you’d rather just go home, that’s fine too.

Yes! A copy of our live service goes up online on Sunday afternoons. Click here to check out our YouTube channel for more information.

We have a large carpark that wraps around our building, you are more than welcome to park in there. Sometimes, this carpark does fill up, so some people choose to park on the streets surrounding Portlife. We recommend arriving before 10am to get a park in the carpark.

Our church is located on a main road with a carpark that has disabled parking. There are no steps to enter into the building, and no steps inside. We have a disabled toilet that is also a parenting room with a baby changing station.

Absolutely not! Although we do encourage kids to give our program a go, so that they can receive biblical teaching that is pitched towards their age level. We understand that new things can be scary, so we work with each family to support the transition into Kids Life.

We have a cafe that has ice creams and a small range of cakes available for purchase, as well as barista made coffees. This cafe is open after our service, and some people choose to buy a coffee and stick around after church to socialise with their church friends and family.